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February 06, 2007



The irony of course is that Hannity, Roberts, and Alito are also all pro-abort.

tom faranda

That is an interesting comment. Hannity says he's pro-life, Alito's mother says that "of course" he is pro-life. And Roberts made a pro-life court decision when he was on the federal court of appeals. What do you base your opinion that they are all pro-abortion on?


i think a lot of politicians would love to get off the hook on this one if abortion was delegalized. today however i did see an article that britian had a surge in abortion procedures during the month of january - which they attibute to heavy drinking and sexual irresponsiblity combined. i believe that if we could somehow get it into women's brains that they need to honor their reproductive gifts and not use abortion as birth control, there would not be such a large chasm on this subject in our country. oh, and having read the roe v. wade decision, yes, it was bad law. and i think most lawyers know this. including hizzoner

Bonnie Shullenberger

Guiliani is right about one thing. There is no real choice in America right now. There is no universal health care, no maternity leave, no mandated child care, no serious enforcement for child support (unless you are a protective mom, but that's another story). As my husband puts it, pro-choice equals no choice. REFUSE TO CHOOSE, Rudy. And Hillary, and both Johns, and Barak while we're at it.
Bonnie Shullenberger, another left-wing anti-choice fanatic.


ok...I am going to go out on a limb here.

I would like to think that maybe, just maybe, he can be reached if he learns the truth of abortions harm to women since that is his justification.

What are the chances? probably not good, but I would at least try.
Some pro aborts have later become the biggest supporters of life...God can change any heart and to be honest, I am not so quick to throw in the towel. Like I said, it is worth the effort.

As far as Alito and Roberts being pro choice..that is news to me...

Judith Anderson

Ultimately Giuliani (and Cuomo, Clinton, Obama, etc.) is still saying abortion is an OK choice. The infanticide of partial birth abortion is OK as a choice. Destroying human life in its nascent stages is OK for "someone" to choose, as is experimenting on and destroying vulnerable embryonic human life. However, poverty is not OK; we want to end all poverty in America. A slightly larger hole in the ozone layer is not OK; we want to eliminate all greenhouse gasses. Historically, a little bit of slavery or enumerating Negroes in the Constitution as only three-fifths of a person were not OK, a few Jim Crow laws, no. But abortion, abortion is an OK choice. Pro-lifers, please don't confuse the need for education and compassion with the slight of hand that tries to convince you that you can oppose abortion yet still promote it as OK. It's kind of like supporting the troops, but not the mission.

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