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February 25, 2007


Judith Anderson

What a joy it was to know and work with you, Milvia! God has called you home to Him at last. Your life was lived with the generosity of the "widow's mite" - all, not counting the cost. Thank you for your friendship and your prayers. Your support of the work of the HVCL was constant despite financial constraints. Your love for the unborn unequaled; your faithfulness a shining example for us all.

Carole McDonnell

Milvia was truly a saint. I loved her so much. Her honesty, kindness, and dedication to God was wonderful. But we sorrow not as those who have no hope. We will all see Milvia again.

John Anthony Vorel

Though I only knew Milvia for only a few years I met Milvia at extraodinary crossroads in my life. For a couple of years I have tried to make a serious effort to pray at the abortion clinic on Mamaroneck Ave on Saturday mornings.Because of a chronic illness myself I never found it easy to get there. I remember car pooling once or twice with her to White Plains but other times when I drove down by myself- when I arrived there- there she was a faithful servant no matter the weather. It was very apparent to me that she was very determined; fearless and unwavering in her commitment to be a prayerful voice against this serious evil of our time. I could tell from the momment I first met her that she was someone in the trenches doing battle with the devil and I knew her rosary was the weapon she yeilded in this war.

Coincidently, when I was visiting my mother in the hospital during the end of December (who would soon die on Jan 12th) I almost literally bumped into her at hospital elevator. She told me in a somewhat subdued tone that she was on her way to her oncologist. I apologized to her regarding her predicament and I told her about my mother's situation. I could sense her own burden of a heavy cross that was being placed on her. I also knew she would be one who kept her hope by the strong prayer life she maintained. She would pass on to her heavenly reward only weeks after my mother did in the same hospital.


I had many a wonderful talk with Milvia who had a loving heart for those suffering after abortion.

I am sure Our Lady was there to greet her on her journey ...Rest in peace Milvia...you are in my prayers.

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