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January 03, 2007


thea mcginnis

i agree with the writer. but there isn't equality in aging or health. poor genetics play a key factor in how strong an individual is health-wise. perhaps in pain, people seek out scientific solutions to the natural agonies of aging or to avoid the marginalization of being older. or perhaps they are just so alone in their pain - we don't have large families; many people are widowed and live by themselves. there is so much loneliness which i think magnifies one's pain.

as to frozen embryos, perhaps that is our greatest sin - to think we are better and deserve to live more than those coming after us.


I disagree with the first paragraph:

"[President Bush] is the final bulwark preventing the unchecked use of nascent human life for medical research."

In principle, there is no difference between President Bush and House Democrats on Federally-funded human embryonic stem cell research. They both agree on Federal-funding of this hideous, grotesque, anti-life research. They differ only as to how many dead, innocent, unborn human beings ought to be the victims of this "research."

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