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November 02, 2006


Bob DAmico

Wake up people you are not Pro-Life you are only PRO-BIRTH. Once the child is born you offer him up to the repub party tobe sent off to die or be maimed in an illegal war that all of you totally support via the never ending Bush oil family wars.

Pray for peace.
Give diplomacy and peace a chance. I know you are all afraid but some courage is needed to stand up to Bush, the Repubs and the recently enacted torture policy.

Bob DAmico
Cleve, Oh

Judith Anderson

How strange to call us "only pro birth" when it is we who celebrate pre-born life - human life in the womb - and the dignity of all life after birth. The seminal human environment (the womb) is being ravaged by abortion daily. "Environmentalists" should be sensitive to this reality and be the first to champion protecting the woman and the child from the rape of the womb and the emotional ravages of abortion.
My bumper sticker reads: Peace begins in the womb... On your other heartfelt point, I see military service as a noble and voluntary choice for men and women. We all pray for peace, and acknowledge with thanks and humility that it is our lives that their service protects.The recent election results will indeed give other directions a chance. Hopefully we will remember our history. Churchill was one not surprised when the bombs started falling on London.

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