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October 27, 2006


Bob DAmico

UR position is highly biased and is nothing more than simple adherence to dogma, ie. if the pope says it then it must be true. You are the type of people that also believe that if Bush says it then it must be true.

You and the Catholic Church,my church, do not believe in Pro-Life, not one bit. You only believe in PRO-BIRTH. Once the child is born you have done your job and care not one whit for the life of that child, or his family, or his health and welfare, or his education or keeping him out of illegal Bush created wars. Your mindset and that of both popes, current and prior, is really FAR, FAR more Pro-Death than REAL and TRUE Pro-Life.

You worship at the altar of George Bush, quite possibly the antichrist, despite the fact that he has claimed on four occasions to be the Christ. You people are nothing more than rabid zealots, aka Theocons.

The very fact that Bush, a sociopath(a person of no morals) claimed to be Jesus Christ should have caused the pope and the church to immediately unalign itself and in fact recoil in horror from the Repub party, which you should have never been aligned with in the first place because the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II should never have aligned itself with any political party.

The church should only align itself with certain specific issues.

Issues such as complete and total opposition to the recently passed torture legislation and all the other crimes committed by the Repubs since Reagan.
The church is actively and knowlingly supporting and is totally complicit in the wrongs done by the repubs since Reagan and especially since Bush came to be prez.

The church should either stay out of american politics as the US Constitution demands and stick to religion, instead the church has become a radical right wing extremist fundamentalist and jihadist religion turned into a political group against the admonitions of the true Christ who threw the Pharisees, scribes and money lenders out of the temple and said Render to caesar... and Render to God... which is clearly an admonition, just as in our Constitution, aganist the merging of church and state.

If the Catholic Church cannot obey american laws then it should get out of america.

The Catholic Church supported the nazi party,Reichskonkordat of 1933 signed and authorized by Pope Pius XI and further adhered to by Pope Pius XII and which put Hitler in office and has now put Bush in office and supported him in committing all of his crimes of lying, killing and war.

The Reichkonkordat of 1933 was an abomination against God and man because it culminated in the death and maiming of 6 million jews during the holocaust and is equally terribly wrong and criminal now because it has directly supported George Bush,our most corrupt and nazi-like prez and directly caused the death of almost three thousand of our troops and the maiming of at least 20,000 more.

In case you dummies don't know this it takes three generations before a family recovers from the damage it has sustained when a member has been involved in a war experience.

My father was in WWII and our family has not recovered from it yet.

My brother was in Vietnam and his children have not escaped the effects of that war.

So reality must always trump dogma which is theoretical, at best and often nothing more than narrow minded ideology at worst.

The facts, the science and the truth will always lead to the ultimate truth which is God.

Wake up people your theology of George Bush is destroying America, my beloved America.

If you love the torture legislation and the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani citizens thank a CATHOLIC and/or a Catholic Republican politician or a catholic pundit like Tim Russert, the screaming Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough, Robert Novak or the many thousands of others directly responsible for lying/misleading the american and/or hiding the truth via from the american people. So much egregious hypocrisy in catholic america.

If the Catholic Church, my church, insists on involving itslef in politics than it must register as a political organization and pay it's tax obligations, Then it must endorse only specific issues consistently and on a worldwide basis and without all the secrecy.

The church should be doing things like putting enormous pressure on Bush and the Repubs to end this clearly illegal war as quickly as possible and in a way which compensates Iraq and Afghanistan peoples for their dead and loss of livelyhood.

The church should be putting enormous pressure on Vincente Fox and the Mexican gov't to do absolutely everything possible to raise the impoverished people up to a decent standard of living and if they don't comply the 15 families who own/control 90% of the wealth of Mexico should be denied the Blessed Sacraments.

The church must put pressure on the american gov't to stop torture and extreme rendition, especially to Poland, a supposedly catholic country but which has at least one of the CIA secret torture prisons, and we all know exactly where that prison is. If Poland does not comply the church should threaten the Polish gov't with denial of the Sacraments.

The pope/church should/must be putting enormous pressure on the american gov't to stop this endless destabilizing of legitimate gov'ts in central and south america often/usually resulting in the deaths of many thousands of citizens.

The pope/church is directly responsible for the deaths and rape of many nuns who have been raped and tortured in these CIA actions, such as Sr. Dorothy Kazel and her companions and Sr. Dianna Ortiz now living in San Antonio,Tx.

Of course the life of a nun/woman is less important in the church than the life and dogma of the MEN who rule the Catholic Church.

My aunt, now deceased some 20yrs ago, was a Dominican nun and I am glad she is not alive today to see what is happening to America and the Catholic Church, she would be appalled.

FYI, Sr. Diana Ortiz was tortured and raped at the direction of and under the eye of a CIA agent who she later identified. The killing of these nuns was done by the Reagan administration and that of Bush 41.

There is something terribly wrong with you people, you are followers of Bush and of satan because you support so very many diabolocal acts by the Repubs.

Where in the name of all that is holy are your values, they are blinded by Catholic dogma.

When you die you will not be able to stand before God and say 'the pope made me do it'. You will be held responsible for what you did and allowed to be done.

Your first obligation is to God and not the pope or the Catholic Church with it's long history of errors which continues to this very day.

God will show you exactly what you did. My conscience is clear, is yours.

Shame on you.


Dear Mr. D'Amico

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, although we disagree with virtually everything you wrote.

To take just one example, it seems to us that the Catholic Church takes great interest in people at all stages of life. Hence the Catholic charities, schools hospitals, and religious orders, dedicated to helping the sick, disabled, and outcast. The millions of AIDS victims worldwide who are cared for in Catholic institutions would disagree with your remarks about the Church only caring for the unborn.

As far as Bush claiming to be Christ, that's a new one on us.


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