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October 12, 2006


Bob DAmico

The reason there are so many down syndrome children born is because the Pope and the Catholic Church do not demand that oil,chemical and drug mfgrs follow strict rules that protect people from their greedy profit only motive.

I accused the Pope and the USCCB and my beloved local bishop, Pilla, of controlling US policy, both foreign and domestic. In February, I think it was, of 2006 the Pope issued a statement that the church was not involved in shaping US policy. But we all know that the church is very much involved in doing so.

Wake up people. War is not the answer, war just breeds more war and violence just breeds more violence.

Pray for peace.

Give peace and diplomacy a chance.

Bob DAmico
Cleve, Oh.

As a School Psychologist I worked with many, many damaged children caused by the aforementioned industries.

If you truly support Pro-Life instead of just Pro-Birth you would rant, rave and rail at these companies for the children who have not only Downs Syndrome but also have Learning Disabilities and Autism.

But you won't because you and the Catholic Church, my church also, does not at all support true real Pro-Life instead it really only supports PRO-BIRTH.

Do you readers know that every single water supply in america is now contaminated with that chemical that the oil industry puts in our gasoline, it's called something like MTBE or MTBF and was still being proudly acknowledged by the oil companies as of Feb, 2006.

I brought this fact up to PBS and the ads stopped shortly thereafter.

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